AWA XIII Cosplay Schedule and some Con reviews

Here are my AWA XIII plans so far. This is by no means set in stone because there are photo shoots I want to attend, and I'll be switching in AND out of outfits a LOT during the convention. There will be 2 Bleach photo shoots, a Saiyuki photo shoot, AND a Final Fantasy photo shoot. I plan on attending all of these. So these cosplays will no doubt be shuffled around to accomodate.

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Thursday P.M.: Cosplay not likely but you never know...

Friday A.M.: Yuna Braska (FFX)
Friday P.M.: Ururu Tsumugiya (Bleach)

Saturday A.M.: Goku (Saiyuki)
Saturday P.M.: Goku (Saiyuki) (subject to switch)

Sunday A.M.: green Chocobo (FF)
Sunday P.M.: green Chocobo (FF) (subject to switch)

I am splitting up days to cram in as much cosplay as possible! Subject to changes...lots of changes. ^_^

Some other far-off ideas for alternates and later conventions include:

Temari (Naruto), Yachiru (Bleach), Full Moon (Full Moon o Sagashite), Lacus Clyne (Gundam SEED)

Also, I've decided to put up some reviews of the conventions I've been to during 2006 and early 2007.

Anime Mid-Atlantic 2006:
>When: June 16-18, 2006
>Where: Richmond, VA
>Getting to it: An 8-hour drive (ATL to SC) followed almost immediately by another 8-hour ride (SC to VA). In 90+ degree weather. 16+ hours in a car. I was tired of cars by the end of the weekend.
>Cosplay: Goku (Saiyuki), Mithra 'Casual' (FFXI Online)
>The Good: Greg Ayres, Doug Smith, Voices for Peace, getting noticed by Greg while cosplaying as Negi! Doug Smith signing my Golden Boy DVD! And Greg DJ'ed at the rave ^^
>The Bad: Apparently soft, fluffy cat ears and tails are hazardous to your health while at a rave. But the potential swinging lightstick or camera is not. I was not the only one complaining...there was also an Urahara who wasn't allowed to wear his hat. -_-x Flourescent ziptie on the Nyoiboh. It looked stupid.
>Overall: This con was a mixed bag. Long trip versus the guests I got to meet...Trip < Con.
>Score: 7/10

Anime Weekend Atlanta 2006:
>When: September 22-24, 2006
>Where: Atlanta, GA
>Getting to it: 45-min drive to Cobb County ATL. No sweat.
>Cosplay: Mithra 'Casual' (FFXI Online), Goku (Saiyuki), Negi (Negima), Edward Elric (FMA)
>The Good: Vic Mignogna was awesome at this con. He even had a little service on Sunday ^^ Also Travis Willingham was cool. The Ed & Roy Show....funny as heck. Also a switch on the hotel we stayed at this year; the Sheraton instead of the Waverly. We were actually able to cook food. Yay for kitchenettes!!
>The Bad: I was just not feeling well on the last two days. That's about it. Aside from it being *very* crowded due to a *very* large turnout.
>Overall: Again, awesome guests. Big con, lots of friendly people. Trip = Con.
>Score: 9/10

Galactic Conquest III:
>When: December 30, 2006 - Jan 1, 2007
>Where: Buford, GA
>Getting to it: A 5-min drive right within Buford. Closest con I have ever been to. I will be a regular attendee as long as this thing is in business.
>Cosplay: None
>The Good: This is the most freaking fun I have had in one single huge room. Lotsa concerts, total random-ness and zany-ness. There was a freaking Air Castle and I was able to jump in one for the first time. Guys in kilts jumping around on stage. Helios!!!! The Lost Boys!!! Three Quarter Ale!!! Afterwards, The Lost Boys + Three Quarter Ale for some fun Renaissance music, riverdancing and kilts all together. Swordfight and fencing demonstrations. FREE ART TABLES. And electric outlets. WI-FI !!! Anime viewing area. Totally 24/7 con. Always running. Practically in my backyard. People actually brought blow-up beds to sleep on alongside one of the walls. Again, very close to where I live so it was very easy to come and go. This was a Christmas gift admission, which also totally rocked.
>The Bad: ...It ended. ;_; People went home and had to go to work/sleep, yada yada yada.
>Overall: Kickass con and a much welcome distraction. Trip = Con.
>Score: 10/10

MomoCon 2007:
>When: March 17-18, 2007
>Where: Georgia Tech Student Center, Atlanta, GA
>Getting to it: 45-min drive to Downtown ATL. Weekend on a college campus, so almost zero traffic.Piece of cake.
>Cosplay: Goku (Saiyuki)
>The Good: Fairly close con. Got to cosplay as Goku along with Sanzo and Gojyo! They weren't doing construction work on the stairwell this time! Nice dealers room. Awesome AMV beginner's "class"hosted by a few AMV pros. FREE ADMISSION. And...a cafeteria!!! And it had Mac computers w/ internet set up....and a CHICK FIL A ^^ Hotel situation was rather nice with complimentary ethernet, and with Gojyo staying nearby on the same floor as us ^^
>The Bad: It was cold and windy outside, stifling hot inside (except for the cafeteria). Very crowded due to another very big turnout. Minor issue with retrieving a left shampoo bottle from the hotel. I waited like 15min for the thing.
*Also on Sunday they had to cancel this con early due to fireworks being discovered in the parking lot, then again inside the main building. I'm not detracting from the score for this, because it was a safety issue which was out of the staff's control. Nobody could have predicted it and it was totally uncalled for. << Kudos to the president for taking our safety into consideration. Thank you ^^ >>
>Overall: Good points greatly outweigh the bad. Definitely attending next year. Trip = Con.
>Score: 9/10
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Back to Con mode...Yay

Time to plan for AWA XIII!! This will be con #10 for me. Dragon*Con would've been #10 but I doubt it's gonna happen...I do not have the pocketbook to handle it. o.O

AWA VIII - 2002
AWA IX - 2003
AWA X - 2004
KuniCon 2005
AWA XI - 2005
MomoCon 2006
AWA XII - 2006
Galactic ConQuest 2006
MomoCon 2007
*AWA XIII - 2007

Son Goku - Saiyuki (Requiem)
Green Chocobo - Final Fantasy

3rd costume could be one of many many ideas. It's up in the air for the time being.

*yawn* Time to sleep....
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Still existing...

Long time no update...
I am still here, back from MomoCon which went very well....until Sunday afternoon >.< There's some info on that at MomoCon's site, I'll let them explain...
Working on some oil paintings at the moment. Art is fun ^^
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(no subject)

I am back in town after yet another roadtrip. Back on FFXI too, sorta kinda maybe? Anyways I'll be on there counting down to the new year like last year, hehe. My friend and I are going to have a late Christmas due to the circumstances (late paycheck, moving, roadtrips, you know the drill). It's Christmas to us, anyways, no matter what day we are able to celebrate it. My little tree is gonna stay up past New Years, too ^^ Anywho, hope every1 has a rockin' New Years! C-ya on the flipside... =)
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Resting up

Trying to recover from a killer backache...gonna be slow updating for awhile... AWA gallery can be reached from my MySpace. AMVs too ^^
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Cosplay Update

Final Plans for AWA XII Cosplay:

Friday: Mithra (casual)
Saturday: Son Goku
Sunday: Negi Springfield

Not much else to update at the moment....Will be at the con Thursday. Cya there! ^.^
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AWA in 10 days

*** ATL T-MINUS 10 & Counting!!!***
AWA is very close, and I'm still working on costumes. So little time left x>.<;;;;
***If you wanted anything off my for-sale list, plz email me and I'll arrange to send it, otherwise I am bringing it all to AWA. It's just been sitting around too long.***

These are the costumes I am doing at AWA. The one on the left will not be exactly like the outfit I'm coming in though due to time constraints.

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AWA is upon us....Agggggh! And I'm broke from bills so I'm selling some stuff in the garagesalejapan community.
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AMA, M for Mediocre

AMA was quite an experience, both good and bad.
Anywho, let's start with the bad. It took forever to get checked into the hotel. When we finally got in, our hotel room door would not lock unless we slammed it so hard it would wake up everyone in the hall. We were basically told to slam it, and not moved to another room so we wouldn't bother other guests with our door-slamming.
OK, what is an orange twist tie gonna do to prevent my swinging a Goku staff around? They called it "bonding my piece". Or did they mean "peace"?
As for the rave, apparently they think that it is more dangerous and harmful to get hit by a fluffy cat tail and/or ears than it is to get bopped on the side of the head with a metal/plastic camera that is very hard and weighs at least half a pound. Plus I'm short, so I doubt I'd be blocking anyone's view of the stage with my ears. I don't even dance anyway. I saw at least one other person arguing with the doorman about no costume props being allowed. So I wasn't able to even wear my Mithra getup for more than 5 minutes at the convention. After I finally got in the door and saw people inside who actually had cat ears on I had to just sit down and fume for a minute. This was not what I rode/drove 16 hours for! AWA's rave was much better.
AMA wasn't that big a con, and not many people came in cosplay, but there were a LOT of people who simply came in Goth-type clothes. What does Goth/emo have to do with anime anyway? Also, due to the door not locking we were stranded in our room unable to enjoy the con for about 2 hours on Saturday evening. Ugh!!
*end ranting*
Alrighty then, here's the good. My friends and I got to go to see the premiere of the Negima dub, Guests Uncensored (which was really entertaining), and a VA panel. Perhaps the best thing that happened at AMA was getting to meet Doug Smith and Greg Ayres and they signed several things for me and my friends including a Voices for Peace CD, pencil boards and our prototype Goku coronets ^^ Those were the high points of the con. We were also refunded for the hotel room because of the trouble.
All in all, AMA was a mixed bag. Some great things happened but the trip was just too long and there were too many inconveniences for it all to even out in the end. AWA plz come save me!! X.X
Currently planning for AWA XII, hopefully it will turn out better...
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